Continued mentoring


“Thank you it was really helpful and made me think aloud what I was hiding in my sub- conscious!”

“So helpful I wanted more. George helped me cut through the dross and get into the nitty gritty of what wasn’t working with the business..use again if this programme is re-run! My partners and I were having problems with decision-making and marketing. George came in and stripped our decision-making and marketing processes back to the wood, helped me restructure them in a way that leaves no room for compromise or misunderstanding. He is quick at picking up underlying issues, not afraid to tackle difficult or thorny issues, and great and helping his mentees to see the big picture. Thank you George.”





Special Offer!! – Continue your mentoring sessions

As a one time offer to current mentees who book before December 24th 2015, I can offer 2 one-hour sessions for the price of £60 (payable in advance). Session can be held in the New year 2016.


I’d be really pleased if you would like to continue with your mentoring (and a bit of coaching) sessions.

We can continue with your current subject matter or look at completely different aspects.

Mentoring will be over the phone or Skype unless by arrangement.

To book please pay £60 in advance and then contact me to let me know you have done so and to book a meeting. As always meeting are either on a Wednesday morning up to 12 noon or a Friday up to 2-pm.


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